Energy Detox

Energy Detox

Our cleansing service offers deep healing that addresses mental and emotional blockages, as well as the rebalancing of the energy centers or chakras and the realignment and reconfiguration of your energy field or aura. These aspects are essential to live a full and harmonious life, as any blockage or damage in these structures can generate negative patterns, illnesses and loops of thought and emotion that hinder our well-being.

Our approach is tailored to individual needs, and the number of sessions required may vary from person to person. We are committed to repairing any damage present in the energetic field, either in a single session or in several, with the goal of promoting complete healing.

In addition, our service also addresses the clearing of blockages in interpersonal relationships, providing greater harmony and well-being in these vital aspects.

An Energetic Detox helps you release accumulated energies that can drain your energy, unblock chakras that do not serve your greater well-being, collect your own energy and restore its flow. These energetic detoxification works focus on cleansing and balancing your aura and chakra system. We work with Universal Energy of light, to perform energy detoxes, remove energy cords, repair the aura and chakras, and perform cellular restoration of your well-being.

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